The book "Phoebe Man's Socially Engaged Art" is lauched. Hard copy can be bought in Art and Culture Outreach and Floating Projects. Soft copy can be downloaded here. (2017)

「文晶瑩社會交往式藝術 」新書出版,實體書在藝鵠據點。句點有售。網版免費下載(2017)

After showing in Taipei MOCA, "One Pyeong of Golden Bricks" & "Erosion of Home?" were shown in Fotan Open Studios 2017. (2017/01/14,15,21,22)

社會交往式藝術「一坪金磚」和 「食左我隻居?」於台北當代藝術館「藝術之名:香港當代藝術展」展出後,移師香港火炭開放工作室展出。 (2017/1/14,15,21,22)

Man, Ching Ying Phoebe. "Only Numbers: The controversy surroundings the removal of a public art work in Hong Kong." ArtAsiaPacific, Nov/Dec Issue, 2016, pp. 57-58.
Man, Ching Ying Phoebe. “香港實驗電影與錄像概況 (Overview of Hong Kong Experimental Film and Video).”West of Taiwan, East of Asia: A Study of Asian Experimental Film, 恆河出版社Le Ganges Edition, Taiwan, December, 2015, pp. 73-80.

Man, Ching Ying Phoebe. "自己展覽自己搞:一個火炭工作室背後的故事 (The Story of Looking For a Studio)." 立場新聞 Stand News. 11 Mar. 2015. Web. 08 May 2016.
Man, Ching Ying Phoebe. “Classic Remake: Hong Kong Experimental Shorts” EXiN Asian Experimental Film & Video Art Forum Collection, RCM The Museum of Modern Art, Nanjing, 2012, pp. 214-223.

A United State text book "Asian Art" cited Phoebe Man's work "97 Reunification, I am very happy ..." on page 236 & 237. The authors are Dorinda Neave, Lara C.W. Blanchard and Marika Sardar, published by Pearson on Jan 23, 2014. Phoebe Man is the only Hong Kong artist in the book.

美國出版的教科書《亞洲藝術》 內容包括文晶瑩的作品「97回歸,我很高興...... 」,印於236頁和237頁上,作者是Dorinda Neave, Lara C.W. Blanchard and Marika Sardar, 於2014年1月23日由Pearson出版。文晶瑩是書內唯一的香港藝術家。

"Contemporary Women Artists in Hong Kong" by Luise Guest @ (2013/4/4-10).
Part of the article is about Phoebe Man's work.

"Contemporary Women Artists in Hong Kong" Luise Guest, (2013/10/30)

Phoebe Man conducted a workshop in SFMOMA 15 years ago (1999). Anita Chang made a video about that workshop. She uploaded her work "Unboxed" on Internet recently.

15年前 (1999)文晶瑩在SFMOMA做了一個有關混合媒體創作的工作坊。張文馨拍攝了一個有關這個工作坊的紀錄片"Unboxed"。她最近將這條片放上網。

Phoebe Man's catalogues about issue of sexual assault are available for download.
有關性侵犯議題的作品的畫冊可以在網上下載。 "What does feminism have to do with Chinese art? OV Gallery’s new exhibition, "Shifting Definitions," asks if women’s issues are only Western issues" by Sam Gaskin (Nov. 9, 2010)
CNNGo.com女性主義和中國 藝術有何關係? (2010/11/ 9 )
Leungpo's article "City of Banners:Ricefield, Christo and Cattle Depot" mentioned Phoebe Man's work "97 Reunification, I am very happy..."( Oct 14, 2010)
Phoebe Man's article "Experimental Film and Video in Hong Kong" was published in a Taiwanese Magazine "Film Appreciation Journal", No. 144 pp. 32-35. (July - September, 2010) (Chinese only)
Phoebe Man's article "Experimental Film and Video in Hong Kong" was published in a Mainland Chinese Magazine "Contemporary Art and Investment" in July, 2010, Issue 43, Inner Mongolia Daily, pp. 18-21. (Chinese only)
文晶瑩的文章《香港實驗電影與錄像概況》在中國大陸雜誌《當代藝術與投資》43期, 2010年7月號專題:虛焦的近景:亞洲實驗電影刊登,頁18-21。(2010/7)
Phoebe Man edited a book called "Para/Site 1996-2008". It was published.
Editorial note: "One People One Story"
Phoebe Man's article in this book: "How we solved one dilemma after another - Para/Site's management principles" (2009/04/16)
Elsa Chen talked about Phoebe Man's net art and "Rati" in a book called "Encode Art". (Chinese only) 2006. This is a book for liberal studies in Taiwan. It talks about sex and chat room openly. Very nice!
陳香君 談文晶瑩 的網絡作品和 "慧慧"。
, 陳香君,藝術解碼: 記憶的表情- 藝術中的人與自我,台北東大圖書公司,2006. (pdf file)這是一本通識教育的書,可以很開放的談性與聊天室,真好!
Phoebe Man's article "You missed the good stuff – About curating exhibitions in Hong Kong" published in PS - visual arts and culture magazine, No. 27, Spring 2006. (pdf file)
你走漏眼,不全是籮底橙---談香港的策劃展,PS 視覺藝術文化雜誌,香港: Para/Site藝術空間,2006年春,27期。(pdf file)
Phoebe Man's article "Fruit, sashimi, cuisine – three ways to curate an exhibition" published in PS - visual arts and culture magazine, No. 27, Spring 2006. (pdf file)
水果、魚生、小菜 -策展方法,PS 視覺藝術文化雜誌,香港: Para/Site藝術空間,2006年春,27期。(pdf file)